Instances when bad credit loans are dangerous

Good credit on loans will guarantee you for relatively low-interest rates on loans. Having a not so good credit would subject you to take bad credit loan. Bad credit loans are considered dangerous leading to accumulation of debts. However, some bad loan credit when well managed is safe and helpful. Here are pointers on how to identify unsafe bad credit loans.

Repayment terms

Lousy credit loans such as payday loans become dangerous when you have short term repayment terms. You are required to pay back the loans including the full amount of the interest within two weeks from the time you borrowed. It becomes a trap when you are unable to pay the loan within the required time, and you have to call your lender to have an extension. Extensions have interests which makes the loan accumulates to the point that it’s barely affordable.

Repossessing a collateral

While taking out some loans, you might be required to give a guarantee as a security that you will pay the loan. It is risky since anything can happen and you are unable to pay the loan. The lender will have no choice but to take away your collateral. Title loans require you to give your car’s title as collateral. In exchange, you are given credit as equivalent to the value of your vehicle. It means that if you can pay your loan your lender will take your cover to cover your loan.

Advance Fees

When you are asked for an advance fee, you should dismiss that loan. A genuine lender will evaluate your credit score keenly. If you have an excellent rating getting a loan should not be an issue. Unfortunately, it is difficult for you to get a loan when you have a bad credit score. You are regarded as someone who has problems paying their loans.

If you can provide proof of having a stable income, then a genuine lender can still decide to give you the loan since they have an assurance that you can afford to repay it. Lenders who ask you to play some advance fees in exchange for them overlooking your credit status are scum and can end up running away with your money


When you decide to take a loan, you are going to sign an agreement with the lender. Make sure you scrutinize it. The contract should be clear and self-explanatory. Some bad credit loan lenders tend to present vague contracts that they will use to hurt you financially eventually.

Credit checks

Sometimes your credit score depends on the method your lender used to calculate the score. Some lenders are too harsh while others are softer when accessing your credit to qualify for a loan. A hard check will turn on you and can lead to negative feedback. A lender who is not genuine will perform such a check with an ulterior motive of wanting you to take loans from them so that they can exploit you. A legitimate lender will perform a soft credit score test that is friendly to you. They will be fair and empower you with the right tool to obtain a good loan.

Instances when bad credit loans are dangerous
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